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SANDSTONE,Inc. is the official TRUBLUE Japan Service Center. To ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain your warranty, TRUBLUE Auto Belays must undergo an annual recertification. Instead of sending to the US, we 

have a certified inspector in Japan, so no need to 

wait for a month to recertificate! 

Adventure Seekers has been running rock climbing school for over 10 years in Japan. Now it is operated under SANDSTONE,Inc. There is nothing different than what Naoya has been offering, he is there and he is even more happpier than before!

We are a bridge for your climbing lifestyle

Need Climbing wall for your event?

Yes, we have everything you need for rental climbing wall. For more information,

email us at



Is your old rope doing notihg but just waiting for a time to trash? or you are just forgetting about it? We have a solution for you. You send us and we make a rope rug mats for you. Too durty to send? we can wash them if you like.  Click

The best climbng gym in Japan will be climbing soon!


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